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What the people think:

Larry Hunter

Independent Researcher of Egyptology

“A shocking compilation of photographic evidence that is sure to raise the dander of the orthodox Egyptologists.”

Larry Dean Hunter

Steven Myers

Author of, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid

“I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about finding out about this direction of research.”

Steven Myer

What amazon readers think:

Joseph Kupkovic

“Interesting view on Egyptology” 5 Stars

I could not put this book down until I had finished reading it. I have been pleasantly surprised that the writer Jerret Gardner share a very similar view with me on the origin of pyramids situated at Giza Plateau in Egypt. I am sure that this book shall add not only knowledge but also points for discussion to all readers who are like myself interested in Egyptology.

Keith Crawford

“Really well done” 4 Stars

As an Earth scientist and historian myself, I have nothing bad to say about this author or his work… Even when I look for the flaws, I can’t come up with any. Kindle version is pretty good! I can feel the author’s passion with the subject at hand… Good Work!

Carol ann

“Very interesting…” 4 Stars

Many people, myself included, find that Ancient Egypt grabs their attention and imagination. This book, albeit quite short, held some real surprises for me. SPOILER ALERT! One of the top two revelations was that the pyramid builders very likely POURED blocks that they used! One final word: WOW!

Ruth H. Stansfield

“Excellent research” 5 Stars

Having been to Egypt and very interested in everything that goes on there i found this a great book showing you things you most likely wouldn’t take notice of while there unless you had been told or read this book, good read for any going there or just interested in all the very current things happening in this mysterious country

Jack A. Kuusisto

“Interesting stuff” 4 Stars

New take on construction that I found plausible. Would recommend this to anyone interested in the pyramids. Great ebook with lots of pictures.

Daddy X

“Check out this guys photos!” 5 Stars

I read a lot about the pyramids and collect books about them. No one has solved the mysteries surrounding them. Valuable stuff in this book for the theorist . Hats off to the author for pointing out the things that many high brow Egyptologist never mentioned. Fascinating.


Good read with pics” 4 Stars

I enjoyed this book. Its a fast read, interesting premise on the Great Pyramids and ancient egypt. Great pictures! Enjoy

What the Egyptologists think:

Peter J. Brand

Hello. I’m one of those Egyptologists that the author claims is trying to prevent you from seeing “the truth.” Actually, I’m all for the free exchange of information. I would suggest that the prospective reader do a bit of free research on geology before buying into a theory that professional Egyptologists, archaeologist and geologists can easily disprove. The limestone on the Giza plateau has many layers, some like the face of the Great Sphinx are much harder than others. Part of the sphinx’s lower body are very soft limestone. Some of its is so soft that its like chalk. Do a bit of research on the geology of limestone in Egypt and you will realize that the author’s claims are dubious. Of course there is a ton of archaeological data showing that the Egyptians built the pyramids of Giza in the 4th Dynasty (between roughly 2600-2500 BC). But, the author doesn’t want you to see that! If you want free information about the Pyramids try wikipedia. Or if you want to buy a book that’s really worth having try Mark Lehner’s “The Complete Pyramids.”